7 Cool New Android Apps You need to see: February Edition - Smartphone circle
7 Cool New Android Apps You need to see: February Edition

7 Cool New Android Apps You need to see: February Edition

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7 Cool New Android Apps You need to see: February Edition

The 7 New Cool Android Apps you need to check

1. ClipDrop AR:

The ClipDrop AR Android App, Its a Paid App but you can use upto 10 free clips. This app helps to capture and paste it on your computer/laptop and other supporting devices.

The App is not currently available in India, Here is the download link

Download ClipDrop AR

2. DontKillMyApp ✌️ Make apps work:

The official DontKillMyApp app is here - make apps finally work properly even if you do not own a Pixel.


• DKMA benchmark: Measure how aggressively is your phone killing background apps

• Guides: Get actionable steps to overcome most background process restrictions

• Make a change:️Help smartphones stay smart by sharing your benchmark report to dontkillmyapp.com

Download DontKillMyApp 

3. Good Lock Key Cafe:

This App is Available on Samsung Galaxy Store, used for Samsung Keyboard. If you're a Samsung user check this out.


4. Tap, Tap: Double tap on back of device gesture from Android 11 port

Tap, Tap is a port of the double tap on back of device gesture from Android 11 to any Android 7.0+ device. It allows you to use the gesture to launch apps, control the device (including pressing the home, back and recents buttons), take a screenshot, toggle the flashlight, open your assistant and more. 

Credits: XDA, Example Video


5. Access Dots:

This App brings the Cam/Mic Indicator Dots of iOS 14 to Android.

Download on Google PlayStore

6. Ratio - The Productivity Launcher:

The new homescreen. 3 views.

From Developer:

Ratio is not just a launcher, the core functionality of your phone to put
you back in control. Ratio optimizes your digital life with stunning design,
streamlined app organization, and consolidated messaging.
Be less distracted. Be more productive

Your apps. Organized like never before.
Over 3700 apps are released every single day. It's 2020 and your home screen
still hasn't caught up. Ratio intelligently auto-categorizes your apps for you.
Your screen adapts to your own flow with our drawers feature. Display only the apps relevant to you for each different moment of the day.

All the essentials of your phone, just one tap away
We've created custom cards that integrate with your everyday tasks: Calendar,
News, Notes, Todo, Weather, Events, Ride hailing, Search, RSS, Calculator,
Currency, Timer, Stocks, Phone Settings.
And more always in development.

All messaging platforms. Under one roof. Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram,
Facebook Messenger, and more. Brought together for the first time. Stop
endlessly switching between apps. Ratio aggregates and merges conversations across all messaging apps so you'll never drop the ball again.

Download on Google PlayStore

7. Power Shade: Notification Panel & Quick Settings

Power Shade is a total notifications and Quick Settings panel replacement app that packs in a ton of customization options that will let you easily personalize the notifications shade on your device. The app offers color customization, advanced notifications controls, quick reply support, auto grouping of notifications, custom backgrounds, notification card themes, and advanced quick settings customizations. With the latest update, the app will now also let you use Android 11’s new media controls UI on any Android device, with support for all music player apps.

Download on Google PlayStore

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